Small sausages. Thin, long and crispy

Small sausages. Thin, long and crispy

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    Having killed the Iberian pig and having processed its meat, I’ve cooked lots of different products. One of them was a simple thin sausage.

    The recipe and cooking process was extremely simple.

    Pork semi-fat – 3 kg
    Salt – 2%
    CUR#2 – 0,25%
    Sugar – 0,5%
    Black pepper – 0,3%
    Pimenton – 0,5%
    Granulated garlic – 0,7%

    The meat was processed through mincing machine with 3 mm disc. Then I put the meat in pork tripe with diameter about 22mm. As a result I had around 10 meters of sausage. I hung the product in a smoking chamber, since the weather (+12 +16). In a few days among other 20 kilos of meat products I started cold smoking of the sausage for the next 3 days.

    After that the product was placed in climate chamber. In 30 days approximately the sausage was dried enough and turned into a marvelous, crispy and juicy speciality.
    My product is different from the classic one “Hunter’s” sausage by the fact that in my version the heating process is totally excluded. So the product I get is raw-smoked. I would highly recommend it for production.

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    Rosemary Coppa
    Rosemary Coppa


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