Bresaola. Basturma. Cured pork tenderloin.

Bresaola. Basturma. Cured pork tenderloin.

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At once I cooked: chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, pork shoulder.
All the meat was salted counting the following proportions: 40 gr of sea salt + 30 gr of nitrite salt (total 70 gr) per 1 kilo.
It had been salted for 2 days, then water-soaked during 2 hours in plenty of water. The next was to wrap it in a towel and put under pressure for a couple of hours so that the excess moisture was gone.
The quantity of ingredients used is mentioned below in the recipe of Basturma.

And now step by step the cooking process. First comes the spice coating.

Chicken (salted 12 hours)
Black pepper, red sweet and smoked peppers
Garlic, bay leaf
All the spices were mixed with brandy to thicken the coating and make its texture creamier.

Pork shoulder
Ground black and white pepper
Red smoked pepper
The shoulder was rubbed and massaged with this mixture.

Pork tenderloin
Provence herbs
The meat rubbed with the mixture as well.

Mixture of 5 ground peppers
Hot Chili peppers
Juniper 4-5 berries
Various red peppers
Canella (not much)

Red pepper – 3 parts
Fenugreek – 5 parts
Garlic – 2 parts
Hot pepper – 1 part

The spices were covered with hot water. When the water cooled down I rubbed the meat with the infusion. It is better to rub it twice. You need to dry the first layer and then spread on the second one. This way it will look more beautiful.
All the pieces were hung in the camera under +18 C and humidity approximately 60-70%.
When 40% of the product’s weight is lost it is considered to be ready.

¡Buen provecho!

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