Sausage with orange and cognac

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Sausage with orange and cognac

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Pork semi-fat – 3kg
Fat – 500 gr.
Salt – 2%
CUR#2 – 0,25%
Sugar – 0,5%
Black pepper – 0,5%
Pimenton – 0,3%
Granulated garlic – 0,5%
Orange peel – 60 gr
Sichuan pepper – 2 gr.
Ginger – 3 gr.
Cognac Jerez – 100 gr.
Cultures T-SP
Broth – 200 gr.
The orange peel was previously dried in oven in “convection” mode at 45C and soaked in cognac for an hour.
The meat was processed through mincing machine with 5 mm disc. The fat was cut in cubes by 0,5 cm and mixed well. Then I put the meat in pork tripe with diameter about 42mm. I hung the product in a climate chamber for 24 hours at +22C and 95% of humidity. Then during the next 2 days I lowed down the temperature and humidity by 7%.
After that the product was placed in a climate chamber at standard 13C and 75% of humidity.
Weight loss by 40% within 35 days. Equilibration in vacuo from 1 week.

Even when drying in climate chamber the sausage smelled breathtakingly. At first I was impressed by jerez notes , later a strong alcohol smell disappeared and orange notes sounded loudly. Finally a real “nose” might notice all the ingredients in that amazing bouquet of aromas.
The sausage turned to be very festive, outstanding and delicious, like most of the products I make with my clever pair of hands.

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