Beef kebab (Shashlik)

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Beef kebab (Shashlik)

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I guess, the beef kebab is the best one ever cooked since its taste is most delicious, the texture is the juiciest and it is extremely fragrant. All these funny stories about real kebab which is cooked of lamb only – really this is nonsense coming from religious, geographic and mainly economic characteristics.
Even pork kebab is better than lamb one. Leaving apart the fact that most of “kebab eaters” are not allowed to eat pork according to mullah or rabbi instructions, so we have to admit the pork meat itself does not have any bright taste and aromas. Have you ever seen a person eating raw pork and being excited about its exquisite taste and flavors? Even pork Carpaccio we would not risk to try, right? But beef steaks, for example, have become world-known long ago. So namely this very piece of meat (sirloin, tenderloin) used for cooking steaks also perfectly fit kebab dish. And it is not recommended to use other pieces. For example, the loin and cow’s haunch meat are perfect meat but strictly for water cooking, stews and ground meat. This meat is not for frying.
We get the piece like the one on the photo
It should be cut in 3-4 cm cubes. We keep the fat and marinate it a bit. There’s no need in “killing” the proper good taste of meat by lots of spices. When stringing on skewers it is better to alternate meat by fat so that the first might soak up the latter.
Salt, black pepper, onion, garlic and that is all.
We squash the onion and salt by hands till the juice squeezes out and then it should be mixed well with the meat.
2-3 hours is well enough for marinade.
The meat should be grilled using right coal without any chemical additives and stinky lighters. It takes about 10 minutes or so. The inside meat temperature must reach 50-58 C, not more. When all the meat turns to look appetizing and crunchy it’s time to put it aside and for 5 minutes cover it with a lid or use aluminum foil. The meal is ready!
Of course, we are open to the comments of experts arguing that most delicious kebab is necessarily cooked of zebra, seal or donkey’s meat, or the meat of any other mysterious and exotic animal. We are always open to new tales and impressions.

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Bresaola. Basturma. Cured pork tenderloin.
Jerky – cured beef
Bresaola. Basturma. Cured pork tenderloin.
Jerky – cured beef

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